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Music Industry Big Wigs Don't Want You To Read This!
This 48-page book exposes a groundbreaking online music marketing strategy that makes all the industry gatekeepers and middlemen irrelevant by empowering you to get tons of fans and customers directly through social media and email marketing. My clients and I have used these exact strategies to sell over $104,100 of music and music merchandise in the last year. Don't try to sell your music, make money off of streaming, or grow your fanbase until you read this book first!
Are You Ready To Learn How To Grow Your Fanbase and Income the Right Way?
If you're a passionate musician, music producer or independent record label owner, you've probably discovered how insanely difficult it is to make a living by selling music the way most people try to do it or trying to monetize streaming platforms.

You may have even come to believe that no one buys music anymore.

But what most musicians don't know is that in 2019 consumers spent over $20.1 BILLION to gain access to recorded music and that it was the largest revenue year for recorded music sales worldwide since 2004!

And this wasn't just in 2019. In the first half of 2020 revenues grew ANOTHER 5.4% despite the global health crisis.

So where is all this money going? Why aren't musicians getting rich in an industry that has grown by $6.2 billion in the last 5 years? The simple answer is that...
They're Letting Gatekeepers and Middlemen Run the Show!
Musicians wouldn't let giant multinational corporations like streaming platforms and major record labels control the industry if they knew how to get tons of fans and customers without them.

This book not only exposes how to do exactly that, but why building your career through their systems will never put you in control of your own career's growth.

Whether you're trying to sell music the old way or you're trying to grow your revenue from streaming, winning using those methods is hard. Let me show you a better way!
meet the AUTHOR
Brennan Murphey
I was literally born into the music industry as the son of a recording artist who has sold over 7 million records. I've been playing instruments since the age of 5 and to date have produced over 200 songs. Despite that, I struggled for decades trying to figure out how to earn enough revenue from my music to support myself and my family without working a day job. After spending over 3 years touring the USA playing over 100 shows per year, I got burned out. I needed to find a way to make money from home. In 2018 I began to discover how entrepreneurs in dozens of industries were making fortunes using a thing called a "funnel" and social media ads. In 2019 I began building and testing my own funnel marketing system for music. In July 2020 I used the system to sell 4,112 albums in one week.
"Incredible! It all makes SO much sense once you begin to understand why the industry gatekeepers don't want you in control. Unfortunately, without a book like this to guide you, you won't know who else to go to."
The growth of your fanbase and your income as an artist requires an effective marketing strategy. The strategy in this book has been proven to work for skilled recording artists and music producers in any genre and with any level of notoriety. There is no need to reinvent the wheel - just swipe and deploy this strategy and watch your fanbase and income begin to grow or your money back!

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